I’m Valerie Birch!

I am a mom and I am passionate about sleep. Yet, as you may have realized, that doesn’t always go together. Children don’t come with a sleep instruction manual and with the vast amount of available (and contradicting) information and advice, it can make any parent go cray-cray. Where do you start? How do you know that will work for your child? And how do you figure that out yourself when you’re exhausted? Best news is, I am here to help!

I am Valerie Birch and I want to help your family restore the peace and tranquility in your home. If your children are anything like mine, they provide a vast array of experiences, joys, challenges and learning opportunities.  Not to mention my Bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters in Elementary Education and three years as a child sleep consultant, I am confident I can be of help to your family.  Everyone, especially your child, deserves quality sleep. Let me guide and educate you through the in’s and out’s of sleep.

Reinstate healthy sleep back into your household!

I’m Kelsey Husak!

With two young energetic boys, I have learned first hand just how important sleep is to families and just how easily it can take over your day-to-day thoughts and feelings. In fact, it was my “experience” (that’s a nice way of saying lack of sleep for 8 months) with my firstborn that drove my passion to become a sleep consultant.  In our own journey of working with a sleep consultant for a short time, it took my son from having to sleep in my arms all night in a rocking chair and still waking every hour to having him on the best schedule and routine and sleeping through the night. I was a whole NEW mom and wife and I knew I had to help all other families struggling with sleep to get back to feeling like their NEW self again because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

 During my three years as a sleep consultant, I’ve learned that no two children are alike and not every method is right for every family. I have experience helping kiddos with special needs as well as families with multiples to sleep better and also specialize in gut health and children with reflux. SO, are you asking yourself – Is your child a “bad sleeper”? Do you find yourself at your wit’s end? Have you forgotten what sleep feels like? Do you think a three-hour stretch of sleep is the definition of a decent night? I have been there and I am here to help! Sleep is my passion and I’m excited to help your family find ways to get back to a happy, healthy, and rest-filled life. I also have a degree in Kinesiology emphasis in Secondary Education and a minor in Psychology. Before becoming a sleep consulting, I worked as a Recreational Therapist assisting adults with disabilities in the community.

Are you ready to feel like a NEW mom?

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