A New School Year has Begun, Is your Child Sleeping Well? My 2 BIGGEST Tips!

It’s official – it’s back to the books for all students in/around Omaha! Hopefully yIMG_9369ou prepared well and it was an easy and restful transition back to the classroom! 🙂

If not, no worries, I’m here to help! My 2 BIGGEST tips:

1. Early and earlier to bed. I find we have this predetermined time in our head when “school aged” children should be in bed: 8:00pm. I’m here to tell you, that’s probably too late, especially these first weeks of school. Why? Because their world has been rocked and they are tiiiiiiirrreed from a fun summer! The moment you notice your child’s mood/behavior turn (you know what I mean, whine, whine, tantrum, tears, on the floor crying) – it’s time for bed. Yep! For your kindergartner it may be as early at 6:00pm.

Are you okay? I just heard you gasp! 😉 Do not be afraid of the earlier bedtime. I promise you, they will NOT wake up earlier. From years of being a consultant (and education too) earlier does not mean they will wake earlier. If you push bedtime too late, I will bet you the big $$$ that they will either test you and cause a dramatic scene or not fall asleep for an hour or more. Trust me: early to bed = later to rise. In the end, what do you have to loose?! Just try it (for 5-7 nights)!

2. Pare down your activities. Children have so much to adjust to during the first weeks of school and when we add in swimming lessons and French lessons and play dates and errands, they get even more run-down. Let’s not put too much on their plate. Aim for 1-2 days a week (if not more!) where you can just come home after school and be. No scheduled events. Let them be kids and relax and unwind. You have all school year to boost their test scores (dang unneeded test scores coming from an ex-teacher!). 😉

Happy school year everyone!

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