A Year

My baby turned one.


It feels like yesterday that I wrote on my website “out on maternity leave.”

And here we just celebrated his first birthday.

Wow. How fast time flies!

I am confident that you understand what I’m “saying” here; it’s crazy how fast time rolls by even when you feel like you’re living in the present moment. My intention was to take a few months off when D was born and then to jump back into Amazing Little Sleeper, because let’s be honest, sleep will always be an issue! Children are not robots (and thank heavens for that!). And yet, 12 months have passed and I haven’t fully reengaged. Twelve blissful and exhausting months.

What I’m most grateful for in these past 12 months is the fact that I was able to step back and just be with my three children and husband. I feel I have grown so much as a person in this time and I wish we all had the choice to decide how long we take off after having a child. When living in Budapest, Hungary two years ago, I quickly learned of their mandatory three year maternity leave. I would love to have a long discussion regarding their maternity leave (there were pro’s and con’s I learned from the mothers), yet my main understanding now is how needed a longer leave is for us mothers! A few weeks, a few months, is not enough. Absolutely the maternity leave greatly benefits the child, yet as a human, I feel stronger and wiser for being allowed this time to focus within the four walls of my home and most importantly, within myself. I feel clearer. I am forever thankful for that.

With this clarity, I have revised

Amazing Little Sleeper.

I am not taking on new clients who are looking for a full two-week package and support. If you find this is something you’re looking for, I highly recommend you check out the Family Sleep Institute Consultants page. This is where I earned my training and believe we are the best in the industry. I have faith you’ll find the next best thing from Amazing Little Sleeper. wink! 🙂

Are you a past client who needs a quick tune-up or is in a middle of a new sleep transition? Reach out to me! I will continue to offer phone and email sessions.

Maybe your best friend is pregnant or just had a baby? Send them my way! I will continue to offer the Newborn Sleep Education package.

Were you wishing to hire me to speak at your MOPS group, work gathering or something different? Email me! I’d love to hear about it and discuss how that can work!

Are you not sure what I’m up to?! Just email me! 🙂

I am deeply passionate about sleep and Amazing Little Sleeper! Yet, what I’ve truly learned and lived in the past year is how fleeting this time is with my children. I want to invest all of my time with them; my 1 year old, 4 year old and 7 year old. Even on those exhausting days – yes, they also happen! But exhausting or soaring high above the clouds, this is where I’m meant to spend most of my time. I feel clear about that and grateful that I can!

Valerie Birch

Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant at Amazing Little Sleeper
Valerie Birch is a Pediatric Sleep Expert for exhausted families who have tried evvvvverything to get their child to sleep.

Through her informative and supportive blog posts and one-on-one help, she’s here to guide your child into restorative naps and peaceful nights - while making you wonder why you didn’t contact her sooner.

When she’s not consulting?You’ll find her hanging with her 2 children, getting her sweat on at the gym or baking and indulging in warm ooey-googey chocolate-chip cookies….hobbies that balance each other out!

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