Daylight Savings in Europe 2018

Being international is incredible!  It reminds you how small the world truly is.

Europe will experience the start of Daylight Savings on Sunday, March 25th at 1:00am where you will turn the clocks forward by one hour.  No matter when you experience daylight savings, if you’re a parent, you know its something to prepare for.  The beauty of springing ahead is it’s the “easier” of the two time adjustments for children.  Here are a few tips to make this adjustment go smoothly:

  1. Nap Time: Instead of immediately making the switch to new naptimes, split the difference. Adjust naps by 30 minutes to begin with and add another 30 minutes by the third day so by the end of the week your little one should easily switch over to the new schedule.
  2. Change Bedtime: If bedtime is usually 7:00 PM, put your child to bed at 7:30 PM for the first three days following the time change.  Remember that 7:30 feels like 6:30 to your child. Go back to a 7:00 PM bedtime on the fourth day.   It will take about a week for your child’s body to get used to this adjustment.
  3. Internal Clock: Help your little one reset her body clock by exposing her to light upon waking and keeping her room dark when it’s time to sleep.  Sleep is regulated by our circadian rhythm (our body’s internal clock) and that clock is regulated by light and darkness. Exposing your little one to light and darkness that is consistent with the new clock will speed up the change.
  4. Darkness:  Ensure your child’s sleeping environment in dark during this change, as the sun often rises earlier and sets later.  See here for the perfect darkness level.
  5. Keep Consistent: Remember that children thrive when parents provide a structured environment and dealing with the time change is no different.  Keeping your everyday routines consistent will help your little one make the adjustment quickly.  Structure your day with regular playtimes, mealtimes and pre-sleep routines all according to the new time.

Mentally prepare for this change to take about a week.  Be patient with sleep and your child, they will get back to their old sleeping ways soon!


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