Drowsy, but Awake

Drowsy, but awake.
I find many parents are confused with this statement.
Does this mean eyes are open?  Closed?
Do I make my child drowsy?
How does that happen?  


Yawning is classic sign that baby is ready for sleep.

Yawning is classic sign that baby is ready for sleep.


Drowsy.  Drowsy is nothing you “do” to your child. You know that they are ready for sleep…they may even give you sleepy cues. Drowsy is based on your child’s age and how long they’ve been awake and with this knowledge you know their body needs rest. This is drowsy.

Awake.  The key to a successful and easy sleeper is laying them in their crib with eyes open. You don’t want your child’s eyes partially open, you don’t want their eyes rolling back in their head as you lay them down to sleep. Your child should be fully aware, eyes open, looking at you, as you confidently lay them in their bed. This is awake.

Drowsy, but awake means your child is ready for sleep and you give them the space to calmly and easily drift off into slumberland, on their own.


Now…I can sense some of your anxiety, fears and blood boiling over: but then they will cry!


Have no fear, Amazing Little Sleeper is here (me standing proud with my cape waving in the wind)!  But seriously, tears don’t have to be the main focus. In fact, when a child has a healthy sleep foundation, when you lay them down with eyes open, they won’t cry.

URRRCH, hold the breaks here! They. Won’t. Cry?! What is this about?


When I work with families, we set up sleep hygiene so that when they lay their child down to sleep, drowsy but awake, tears are limited or even eliminated.  I see it over-and-over again with clients. After setting a solid foundation, children cry very little or only for a few nights.

See, no fear needed!  Drowsy but awake is a beautiful thing!  And if your child is crying for hours on end, then you know something else in their sleep foundation needs changing.

Sleep is multifaceted and if you need a little help figuring out the missing pieces to your child, contact me.  I can help, promise (and help is a good thing)!

Valerie Birch

Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant at Amazing Little Sleeper
Valerie Birch is a Pediatric Sleep Expert for exhausted families who have tried evvvvverything to get their child to sleep.

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