Honoring My Inner Voice

I received my first journal when I was 14 years old. Or maybe earlier than that, yet I remember starting to write in my journal around that age. Writing became my outlet, my secrete keeper in which I had full trust in. Over the last few decades of my life, I’ve continued to journal. There have been periods of ebb and flow, yet the lack of stress or pressures to write have allowed me to continue to write, in my own time, with full joy and love. I’ve learned how therapeutic writing can be for me.

I’m also a deep thinker. Recently, having learned of my CliftonStrengths and reading myself on paper (wow! and how correct it was!), it only amplified what I already knew. I am Valerie! I thrive on deep, one-on-one relationships. By nature I see potential in everyone. I value keeping the peace and have a deep love and understanding of myself and others. I strive to live a peaceful and purposeful life!

My goal in life is to lead an intentional life with love and inner peace. That is my best self which is then able to give to others.

Valerie Birch

With these two strong attributes of me, I’ve had an inner voice for a few years that urges me to write and share with others. Working on myself in a magnitude of areas, learning along the way, I feel what I’ve learned and experienced could help others. From decluttering to mindfulness to CliftonStrengths to respectful parenting to boundaries to emotions and much more. Yet the urge often settles and I find challenges (my main growth mindset is technology!) derail my thoughts.

But not anymore!

My urges have become stronger, more consistent, and with that, a dear friend has encouraged me to just put it out there. Honor my inner voice! Write and share with others. She has pushed me to actually do it (thank you friend!).

Here I am, honoring what has been in my head for years. On a regular basis, I write entire journalling sessions, or blogs, in my head. When I’m on a walk, or driving with my children, to mowing the lawn – words flow to me. Now I will write them here and my hope is that I will write something that inspires you.

Peaceful Parenting, Purposeful Life.

You’ll hear from me, in my own time, in areas regarding parenting, teaching, and most important, living your purposeful, peaceful life!

Valerie Birch
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