It Resonates Deep

Painted by me!

As I shared in my first post for Peaceful Parenting, Purposeful Life, Honoring my Inner Voice, a blog that hopes to inspire a peaceful and intentional life has been brewing within for many years. And because I am a deeper person, I knew that colors mattered.

And a name…more on that later!

Colors resonate with me. I knew immediately that as I moved forward with anything, I wanted to get the colors just right, just right for me. The colors had to resonate deeply.

So I gave it space. Space to just let the mind wonder while also paying attention to what brought me comfort, peace and joy. There was no pressure to my process, no timeline. And in fact, I’m not even sure how long my process took to find my perfect colors.

Some “experts” may even say, why worry about colors first? That’s a waste of time.

But for me, colors were the most important aspect. My colors came well before a name, a website, a blog.

What I noticed in my space and time, was that nature resonates deeply in me. Nature brings me peace. It brings me clarity. It brings me joy and excitement. Nature allows me to feel whatever emotion I’m having. Nature is accepting and a lover of all. Nature heals.

Picking up on nature, this guided me towards the blues and greens. And I began to realize my most favorite pictures were ones with big spaces of blues and greens. I was onto something here…

But even if you say “blue” and “green”, you have a wide range of tones and intensities of each color. I knew some blues and greens weren’t me. But how to know?

One day I was painting with my 7 year old daughter. I allowed our time together, engaging in art, really come over me and I let joy in. The joy where time stands still and you’re fully engaged in the activity. Pure heart, pure mind, pure joy. She, my daughter, talked and worked through multiple paintings while I sat there, really in touch with mine.

I allowed the watercolors to guide me, the strokes of the brush to encourage me, and I soon began to feel all the feels I love; peace, joy, purpose, love. My picture transported me to that exact area I was painting, deep within the mountains, by water, surrounded by nature. My heart was so full.

I’m not typically transported into art sessions that easily – I do have three young children at home – but this day was different. For whatever reason the universe had intended, this painting really meant a lot. And so I hung it up in our kitchen to enjoy.

And as I enjoyed my painting, it occurred to me that within the picture were the colors that I was searching for. My colors. Colors that resonated deeply. Colors that would soon be the backbone of Peaceful Parenting, Purposeful Life.

Valerie Birch
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