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Sleep is one of the most talked about topics among moms!  From the moment we become pregnant, our sleep seems to be effected due to our children.  The joys!  🙂  We know that sleep is the key to a healthy and happy family…and EVERYONE in the family needs to be sleeping well, so how do we get it?  Well, did you know that many sleep issues can be avoided by practicing good sleep hygiene, sleep shaping and by laying a consistent sleep foundation?  The perfect way to get started is to tackle any sleep questions and problems when they arise.  Who doesn’t want to receive tips and advice from an expert pediatric sleep consultant and a mom?!

Join me the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month for Sleep Wisdom Wednesday! This is a free q&a session you don’t want to miss.

How It Works:

Questions can be posted at anytime throughout the week by connection to my Facebook Page @ Amazing Little Sleeper

• Like my facebook page
• Post questions in the comments under the “Sleep Wisdom Wednesday” event
• Like the post so you can be tagged in your question answer
• One question per person
• Questions can be posted throughout the week and will be answered between 7:30-8:30pm on Wednesday

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Valerie Birch is a Pediatric Sleep Expert for exhausted families who have tried evvvvverything to get their child to sleep.

Through her informative and supportive blog posts and one-on-one help, she’s here to guide your child into restorative naps and peaceful nights - while making you wonder why you didn’t contact her sooner.

When she’s not consulting?You’ll find her hanging with her 2 children, getting her sweat on at the gym or baking and indulging in warm ooey-googey chocolate-chip cookies….hobbies that balance each other out!

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