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Starting something new can be scary.  It’s the unknown.  The questions.  The, “how the heck will this ever work?” And hiring a sleep consultant, beginning on a new journey to help your child sleep better, is right up there with the best of them.  Frightening.  Skeptical.  Nerve-racking.  I get it!

I also know that my process works.  As I approach my 3rd year as a child sleep consultant I am aware of the 100+ families I have helped achieve great sleep!  Those families that stood right in your shoes are now basking in their zzzz’s as their children are sleeping 11-12 hours at night (did I say with no night wakings?!) and have predictable and reliable naps.  Yep.  They were also scared, doubtful and unsure of where I would take them, but I guarantee the one thing they ALL have in common is how thankful they are.  Not to mention they question why they didn’t reach out sooner (yes, I hear it all the time!).

Working with me, I don’t want it to be a shot in the dark.  I want you to know where we’re going, what we’ll be doing, and no – it won’t always be easy.  But the one thing I can full-heartily share is that if you trust me, if you follow your child’s sleep plan, if you are consistent and if you are ready for a change – you will find success!

What does my process look like?

You contact me!  I’ll never know you need help you if you don’t reach out.  It’s easy and I promise I don’t bite!  Once I hear from you we’ll most likely set up a time to chat.  Yes, voice to voice, it’s the best way you get a feel of me and the best way I can learn about your goals and desires.  This call is quick and painless.

After our discussion about my services and your wishes, you’ll either decide to move forward or you won’t.  No hard feelings either way.

Moving forward, I’ll share a few documents for you to complete so I can have a better understanding of your child and best prepare for our consultation (yes, I actually spend hours preparing in ways to help your child!).  We’ll discuss payments and schedule a time for our consultation.  We’re gaining momentum as we move ahead!

Our consultation.  This is the meat and bones of my process.  I will spend 60-90* minutes with your family to not only share your individual sleep plan regarding your little’s ones sleep, but I’ll also educate you as to WHY we are changing what we’re changing.  By nature, I am an educator.  Not only do I want your child to sleep better, I want YOU to become their sleep consultant.  I want you to understand this process so that way a year later when your child decides to climb out of their crib, you know how to handle the situation.  It’s like a 2-for-1 deal here people!

Now as my clients range all over the country, most of my consultations are on phone or FaceTime.  But you know what the coolest part is for those who live right here in Western Nebraska?  I can come to your house!  An in-home consultation is the icing on the cake!  Why?  Because I get to meet you and your child in person!  When I’m in your home, I first evaluate your child’s room to make sure it’s safe for sleep and conducive for sleep.  For some families I even am privileged to watch the bedtime routine, taking notes and offering suggestions.  And if that isn’t happening, then I’m lucky enough to hang out with you, the parents and child.  And though during this time I am talking away about your specific sleep plan, I’m also watching your child, I’m picking up on their personalities, I’m sensing which sleep method they may be best with.  It’s an inside gift. 😉  And though I NEVER tell you which sleep method to choose, I have good experiences and ideas on which may be best to start with.

But all good things comes to an end, which is our consultation.  But it’s okay – our time is not over!  After our consultation, I’ll send you a multiple page document about your child individual sleep plan.  It will be everything we discussed and a bit more.  This document is there to be a referral.  To be read and re-read during our time together.  But wait…it gets better….

Now I said the consultation was the meat and bones of this process, and though it is, this may be just a smidgen more important.  Daily follow up.  Yes, you are the lucky one to communicate with me every single day!  And I can’t explain how important these daily conversations are.  I am with you every step of the way; the good, the bad, the ugly, the unknown, the “why not” and even better – they slept 12 hours last night!  Each day I check in (via email or phone) and I want to know everything about sleep regarding your child.  What time they went to bed, did they wake up, how did you intervene, what time did they nap, and the list goes on.  This detailed information helps me “see” whats going on and how to help guide, instruct, suggest and encourage you to keep going.  If there is anything that doctors, books, blogs, etc can’t give you  – it’s the follow up!  What better way to succeed than with your personal cheerleader and coach?!  That is me!

Oh, and did I mention our follow-up is for TWO WEEKS?!  Enough said.

I can confidently and proudly say that after working with me for 2 weeks, 96% of my clients leave me with an amazing sleeper!  Meaning they are sleeping consolidated nights and their naps have significantly improved.  Children are sleeping better, eating better, behaving better (those last two are positive effects of a child who is well rested), not to mention parents are also sleeping more too!  What a great side affect of this process…YOU get more sleep.  What about those 4%?  It’s not that they didn’t have some positive changes in their child’s sleep, it’s not that they didn’t learn something, it’s not that their child couldn’t have better sleep, it’s more that their family was not ready for the change.  The consistency with sleep was something they weren’t able to maintain at that point in their life.  This is not a bad thing, not a problem, it’s just that it wasn’t the right time for them.  What they did leave with was the sleep education that will never be taken from them and a sleep plan written specifically for their child.  Still two great things to have in their back pocket!

So the real question about this process is, are you ready to spend 2-3 week with me?  The end result is an Amazing Little Sleeper (and I’m not so bad myself!)!  🙂  Please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Valerie,



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