Short Nappers vs Long Nappers; A 3-Blog Series on Daytime Sleep

All children are different, so it’s not a surprise that their nap durations are different.  In my house of two children, I have two very different nappers.  One is a short, specific napper and the other a long, easy-going napper.  Same family, same environments, two very different outcomes. Before we discuss the details of a short and long napper, I must clarify “short” napper.  As I stated in The Need for Naps; A 3-Blog Series on Daytime Sleep, no nap is complete unless it is over 60 minutes in duration.  Biologically, children are meant to nap at least 1 hour … Read More

The Need for Naps; A 3-Blog Series on Daytime Sleep

My baby doesn’t nap well…Maybe they don’t need much sleep? All babies are built to sleep – day and night! You’ve tried every trick in the book to help your child nap: rocking to sleep, holding them, a car ride, wearing them while bouncing on a yoga ball, but nothing seems to work. Like clock work, they either don’t sleep or they wake up at the 20 minute, 30 minute or if you’re lucky 40 minute mark. Wide awake and ready to roll. Sigh…you’re not ready to roll! The good news is, there is hope! In my 3 part series … Read More

You want to work with me? Here’s what you can expect…

  Starting something new can be scary.  It’s the unknown.  The questions.  The, “how the heck will this ever work?” And hiring a sleep consultant, beginning on a new journey to help your child sleep better, is right up there with the best of them.  Frightening.  Skeptical.  Nerve-racking.  I get it! I also know that my process works.  As I approach my 3rd year as a child sleep consultant I am aware of the 100+ families I have helped achieve great sleep!  Those families that stood right in your shoes are now basking in their zzzz’s as their children are sleeping 11-12 … Read More

New Sleep Guidelines

You may think I’m crazy regarding how obsessed I am about sleep, but it’s not just me! ☺️ The American Academy of Pediatrics recently reached out to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and many other sleep medical experts to help establish the recommended amount of sleep each infant, child and teen should receive.  CBS released the article today, June 13, 2016.  The article discusses not only about getting enough sleep in a 24-hour period, it also covers  the health benefits and risk to us and our children. You can read the full article here, and I highly recommend you do! For a … Read More

To Cry, or Not to Cry (-it out); That Is The Question!

The controversial “cry it out” is in the forefront of the news, again. This isn’t good or bad, but I feel it is my responsibility to share it with you. Three (of many, I’m sure) articles about the latest findings in a cry-it-out study.  See below for the articles. Honestly, I don’t love the term “cry it out”. It’s so misleading and very contradicting. I find it automatically puts parents on the defense and bit judgmental. And in this world of parenting wars, we don’t need that. Here is my stance on the whole deal: Understanding WHY your child cries. Unfortunately, when … Read More

The Truth about Teething

It’s a common concern. My child isn’t sleeping because they are teething.   While I can’t imagine the pain our little ones endure when a new tooth is about to pop through, we can’t blame consistent bad sleep on teeth. The truth is, from the day your child is born until they sprout their two year molars – they are always teething.  And if you ask me, two years of poor sleep (because of those darn teeth?!) is a long time to suffer. When parents ask me if I believe their child’s poor sleep is due to teething, I return … Read More