Four Month Sleep Regression

I highly dislike the word regression. Regression (noun): a return to a former or less developed state But in fact, your child hasn’t returned to a lesser state – maybe their sleep habits have – but they themselves have not. It’s proven that around 16-20 weeks of life your child has a huge cognitive developmental surge – a brain boost! I’m talking the biggest one yet! Instead of their body regressing, their brain has made millions of connections. How cool is that? Instead of being extremely shocked, exhausted, and terrified that their sleep habits have brought you back to feeling … Read More

Drowsy, but Awake

Drowsy, but awake. I find many parents are confused with this statement. Does this mean eyes are open?  Closed? Do I make my child drowsy? How does that happen?       Drowsy.  Drowsy is nothing you “do” to your child. You know that they are ready for sleep…they may even give you sleepy cues. Drowsy is based on your child’s age and how long they’ve been awake and with this knowledge you know their body needs rest. This is drowsy. Awake.  The key to a successful and easy sleeper is laying them in their crib with eyes open. You … Read More

It’s That Time of Year – Cold Season

Here are few tried-to-be-true pointers to help you avoid that nasty cold (and any other sickness).   House Temperature It’s bone chilling cold outside. This makes me want to snuggle next to the fire with a steaming cup of hot-chocolate, what about you? But what’s sitting? I have two small children running my life, ha! Instead it’s common to want to crank the heat indoors to maintain comfortability. But don’t hike it up too high! Despite the temperature outside, children sleep best in 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature much above 72 degrees can actually make them sleep worse. Keep a … Read More

Transitioning: From Crib to Bed

What’s worse than a poor crib sleeper? One who can get out of bed! There are many aspects to consider when deciding to transition from the crib to a bed… Who’s decision is it? Believe it or not, it’s your child’s decision.  You should never transition because you, the parent, wants to.  You should never transition because your toddler climbed out of their crib.  Read here as to why.  You should never transition because a new baby is on the way.  Your child should transition to a bed when they are able to ask for it.  Yep, they should be able … Read More

Crib Crawlers: Keeping your Child In the Crib

You hear an abnormal loud thump. You sprint to your child’s room to find the crib empty….instead they are sprawled out on their floor with a look of surprise and mischief on their face. You immediately have a rush of emotions and thoughts, one being “I guess it’s time to transition to a big bed.” I’m stomping my feet and waving my hands like a crazy person, “NOOOOOOOOOO, don’t do it!”  This incident does not mean you need to transition to a bed. Okay, maybe I don’t have to be that dramatic, but I am here to encourage you to keep the crib … Read More

Sleep Wisdom Wednesdays!

Do you have children sleep questions?   Join me, I can help! Sleep is one of the most talked about topics among moms!  From the moment we become pregnant, our sleep seems to be effected due to our children.  The joys!  🙂  We know that sleep is the key to a healthy and happy family…and EVERYONE in the family needs to be sleeping well, so how do we get it?  Well, did you know that many sleep issues can be avoided by practicing good sleep hygiene, sleep shaping and by laying a consistent sleep foundation?  The perfect way to get … Read More