Daylight Savings in Europe 2018

Being international is incredible!  It reminds you how small the world truly is. Europe will experience the start of Daylight Savings on Sunday, March 25th at 1:00am where you will turn the clocks forward by one hour.  No matter when you experience daylight savings, if you’re a parent, you know its something to prepare for.  The beauty of springing ahead is it’s the “easier” of the two time adjustments for children.  Here are a few tips to make this adjustment go smoothly: Nap Time: Instead of immediately making the switch to new naptimes, split the difference. Adjust naps by 30 … Read More

How dark is dark?

Darkness is one of the most common conversations I have with inquiring families and in my workshops.   There are a lot of misconceptions around how dark it should to be for sleep.  It’s believed that some think too dark during the day will continue the day and night confusion, causing worse sleep.  I can reassure you, if your child is older than 6 weeks of age, this is no longer a concern.  When your child isn’t sleeping well during the day and/or night, it isn’t because it’s too dark – instead they likely their room is too light and … Read More

Four Tips to Surviving Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings is days away, but no big issue, right?! You’ve been focusing on establishing or maintaining excellent sleep up to this point to ensure this transition is easy and smooth. If not…no worries, there is still time (click here for help). To continue on this journey of easy sleep through the daylight savings time change, follow my tips below: 1.  Tune In With Your Attitude and Feelings Did you know that parents or guardian’s feelings and emotions about sleep can highly dictate how well (or poorly) a child sleeps? Your child is super intuitive, so if you’re feeling stressed … Read More

Breeze into Daylight Savings

I love the fall! Cool, crisp mornings, changing colors, a consistent routine with school and work – there’s just something in the air that is different. You tend to slow down a bit and enjoy. Life is peaceful. With this season change and transition into the winter months, we experience Daylight Savings.  I’ll be honest, like many parents, daylight savings is something I typically despise. The transition of losing an hour of sleep and adjusting your circadian rhythms is exhausting and disruptive. Yet this year, this year I’m actually looking forward to it. I know! Call me crazy, but I’m … Read More

Spring Ahead: Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings begins March 13th, 2016.  Time to adjust your clocks one hour ahead.  Many people dread losing an hour of sleep, but for your children it can be a positive experience. This is the one day a year your child will sleep in – enjoy it! If is you survived “falling back” then “springing forward” will be a piece of cake. For children, this is the least disruptive of the two. Though deemed to be easier, it is still a change to your child’s sleep (and overall) schedule. Here are a few tips on how to deal with daylight savings regarding … Read More

Don’t let sleep Fall Back with the clocks!

Daylight Savings Time sleep solutions

It’s that time of year again; cool mornings, the changing of leaves, pumpkins all around, and day light savings.  Ah, yes, the dreaded daylight savings.  Long gone are the days of enjoying that extra hour of sleep.  On November 2, 2014, daylight savings will end and your clocks will fall back one hour. Keep in mind, that the time change is amplified when it comes to your child.  The adjustment needs to be managed closely to ensure continuing productive sleep. Know Your Child For many aspects of life, it’s helpful to know your child and their temperament.  Does your little … Read More