A New School Year has Begun, Is your Child Sleeping Well? My 2 BIGGEST Tips!

It’s official – it’s back to the books for all students in/around Omaha! Hopefully you prepared well and it was an easy and restful transition back to the classroom! 🙂 If not, no worries, I’m here to help! My 2 BIGGEST tips: 1. Early and earlier to bed. I find we have this predetermined time in our head when “school aged” children should be in bed: 8:00pm. I’m here to tell you, that’s probably too late, especially these first weeks of school. Why? Because their world has been rocked and they are tiiiiiiirrreed from a fun summer! The moment you … Read More

New Sleep Guidelines

You may think I’m crazy regarding how obsessed I am about sleep, but it’s not just me! ☺️ The American Academy of Pediatrics recently reached out to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and many other sleep medical experts to help establish the recommended amount of sleep each infant, child and teen should receive.  CBS released the article today, June 13, 2016.  The article discusses not only about getting enough sleep in a 24-hour period, it also covers  the health benefits and risk to us and our children. You can read the full article here, and I highly recommend you do! For a … Read More

The Truth about Teething

It’s a common concern. My child isn’t sleeping because they are teething.   While I can’t imagine the pain our little ones endure when a new tooth is about to pop through, we can’t blame consistent bad sleep on teeth. The truth is, from the day your child is born until they sprout their two year molars – they are always teething.  And if you ask me, two years of poor sleep (because of those darn teeth?!) is a long time to suffer. When parents ask me if I believe their child’s poor sleep is due to teething, I return … Read More

Drowsy, but Awake

Drowsy, but awake. I find many parents are confused with this statement. Does this mean eyes are open?  Closed? Do I make my child drowsy? How does that happen?       Drowsy.  Drowsy is nothing you “do” to your child. You know that they are ready for sleep…they may even give you sleepy cues. Drowsy is based on your child’s age and how long they’ve been awake and with this knowledge you know their body needs rest. This is drowsy. Awake.  The key to a successful and easy sleeper is laying them in their crib with eyes open. You … Read More

It’s That Time of Year – Cold Season

Here are few tried-to-be-true pointers to help you avoid that nasty cold (and any other sickness).   House Temperature It’s bone chilling cold outside. This makes me want to snuggle next to the fire with a steaming cup of hot-chocolate, what about you? But what’s sitting? I have two small children running my life, ha! Instead it’s common to want to crank the heat indoors to maintain comfortability. But don’t hike it up too high! Despite the temperature outside, children sleep best in 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature much above 72 degrees can actually make them sleep worse. Keep a … Read More

Crib Crawlers: Keeping your Child In the Crib

You hear an abnormal loud thump. You sprint to your child’s room to find the crib empty….instead they are sprawled out on their floor with a look of surprise and mischief on their face. You immediately have a rush of emotions and thoughts, one being “I guess it’s time to transition to a big bed.” I’m stomping my feet and waving my hands like a crazy person, “NOOOOOOOOOO, don’t do it!”  This incident does not mean you need to transition to a bed. Okay, maybe I don’t have to be that dramatic, but I am here to encourage you to keep the crib … Read More