Four Month Sleep Regression

I highly dislike the word regression. Regression (noun): a return to a former or less developed state But in fact, your child hasn’t returned to a lesser state – maybe their sleep habits have – but they themselves have not. It’s proven that around 16-20 weeks of life your child has a huge cognitive developmental surge – a brain boost! I’m talking the biggest one yet! Instead of their body regressing, their brain has made millions of connections. How cool is that? Instead of being extremely shocked, exhausted, and terrified that their sleep habits have brought you back to feeling … Read More

Drowsy, but Awake

Drowsy, but awake. I find many parents are confused with this statement. Does this mean eyes are open?  Closed? Do I make my child drowsy? How does that happen?       Drowsy.  Drowsy is nothing you “do” to your child. You know that they are ready for sleep…they may even give you sleepy cues. Drowsy is based on your child’s age and how long they’ve been awake and with this knowledge you know their body needs rest. This is drowsy. Awake.  The key to a successful and easy sleeper is laying them in their crib with eyes open. You … Read More

Sleep, Eat, Live with Two Children

Sleep Eat Live With Two Children

A common question I receive is “How do I venture out of the house with two small children and their napping schedules? I feel house bound!” As a mother of two small children (3 year old and 6 months old), I understand!  Some days I feel the same.  Yet, being a sleep consultant, I also value good sleep for my children.  Here are four tips to help you break free from the house, all children in tow, keeping their precious sleep in mind. Prepare During Nap Time You want to have everything ready to go; bags packed, snacks in the … Read More

Three Months… A Schedule?

Three Months Old A Schedule

Do I believe a three month old can be on a consistent, predictable sleep schedule? No. Do I believe there may be some similarities from day to day, but nothing too forced? Yes. Sleep slowly starts to become organized in the brain, but it’s not until the four month “birthdate” in which sleep is more on a concrete schedule due to a large brain development.  The three to four month period is a great time to begin working on healthy sleep habits, but also knowing that a true schedule shouldn’t be in place. If you’re anything like me, examples help.  … Read More

Two Month Old

Two Months Old

  A post from my Facebook Page: My little guy is two months old!  Growing too fast! I’m often asked if my little boy sleeping well. Of course, I’m a sleep consultant, you would EXPECT that, right?! But nope! wink emoticon And I’m not worried or concerned about it in the least. Newborn sleep, you get what you get…some get lucky with little ones sleeping easily right off the bat and others not so “lucky”. And in the end, we, yes, even ME, do what you have to do (safely tho!) to receive decent sleep for the first few months of life. … Read More

The Calming Cure for Newborns!

Calming your newborn

Here is what I know; when we came home from the hospital with our daughter we were all in for a shock. Yes, our love was outpouring and we were over the moon happy, but man, our daughter really needed a lot of attention. I think those first few months of life can be shocking for many parents. Dr. Harvey Karp’s “The Happiest Baby on the Block” became clutch for us as we navigated E’s first few months of life. After becoming a sleep consultant and learning more about Dr. Karp, I HIGHLY recommend his tips to all new parents. … Read More