How dark is dark?

Darkness is one of the most common conversations I have with inquiring families and in my workshops.   There are a lot of misconceptions around how dark it should to be for sleep.  It’s believed that some think too dark during the day will continue the day and night confusion, causing worse sleep.  I can reassure you, if your child is older than 6 weeks of age, this is no longer a concern.  When your child isn’t sleeping well during the day and/or night, it isn’t because it’s too dark – instead they likely their room is too light and … Read More

Amazing Little Sleeper’s “Must Have” Parenting Items…Sleep and Not Sleep Related!

We all have child products that we absolutely love, ones we couldn’t imagine our life without. Here is Amazing Little Sleeper’s Top 5! 5.  Tinfoil Odd, right?! Nothing special here… until you realize what I do with tinfoil!  Tinfoil is the first thing I pack when traveling with my children. Wherever we stay, I want it to be pitch black! So black that you can’t see your hand-in-front-of-your-face dark. I find any light in a new sleeping area can cause havoc on a child’s sleep (hey, it’s a new place, what can you expect?!). I take foil and tape is … Read More

Time Zone Travel: Adjusting Your Children

Time Zone Travel

  How does the saying go?  East is a beast; West is best.  Or is it the other way around?  I find it challenging to really understand which way to fly when you have children.  Time zone changes are inevitable.  Heck, it would be easier to stay home, but our adventurous selves would never allow that.  So my family of three (until April!) flew off to Seattle for our family “baby moon”. Living in the Midwest and headed to the West Coast, meant we were in for a two hour time difference.  What a treat with a two and half … Read More

Sleep Wisdom Wednesdays!

Do you have children sleep questions?   Join me, I can help! Sleep is one of the most talked about topics among moms!  From the moment we become pregnant, our sleep seems to be effected due to our children.  The joys!  🙂  We know that sleep is the key to a healthy and happy family…and EVERYONE in the family needs to be sleeping well, so how do we get it?  Well, did you know that many sleep issues can be avoided by practicing good sleep hygiene, sleep shaping and by laying a consistent sleep foundation?  The perfect way to get … Read More

Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Holidays can be an exciting time of year as you gather with friends and family to share in your special holiday traditions.  For many of us, this brings on the complications of traveling with children.  Travel, any time of the year, causes disruptions with your child’s sleep.  Instead of worrying about the disruptions or canceling that much needed trip, here are a few sleep tips while on the road. 1.  Plan your travel times around sleep as much as possible.  Traveling is exciting for children, causing a lot of excitement or anxiety, which is why we want to plan travel … Read More