It’s That Time of Year – Cold Season

Here are few tried-to-be-true pointers to help you avoid that nasty cold (and any other sickness).


House Temperature
It’s bone chilling cold outside. This makes me want to snuggle next to the fire with a steaming cup of hot-chocolate, what about you? But what’s sitting? I have two small children running my life, ha! Instead it’s common to want to crank the heat indoors to maintain comfortability. But don’t hike it up too high! Despite the temperature outside, children sleep best in 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature much above 72 degrees can actually make them sleep worse. Keep a nice temperature in the home and if you feel they are cold, adjust their clothing.

In our home, each bedroom has their own humidifier, running all season long. I swear this is one reason my children’s sickness is kept at bay. Keep them running, sick or not!

But of course the sleep consultant in me has an opinion on which one. For some odd reason, the humidifier companies feel they needed to jazz up their devices: they added in a night light. I hate it! Who wants a glowing blue – BLUE – light in their room all night long. UGH! Why not blue? Devices that emits blue light actually keep the brain from creating melatonin, the chemical that helps you sleep. Instead, the light tricks the body in thinking it’s day time.

Anyway, as you choose a humidifier, look closely that it doesn’t illuminate your entire room. And if there is a small light, cover it with duct tape. Keep it dark and moist to keep those germs away (I know seems backwards, right?! But trust me, you want this.)

Nose Frida 

My. Favorite. Product for the snotty season!  Seems gross, but it’s a miracle worker. My go-to baby gift.  You want this, I guarantee it!   Suck those boogers out!  Buy it here.

Warm Bath
Just writing warm bath makes me melt into my chair. Ahh, a warm bath. And guess what, your baby feels the same way (hopefully!). There are so many benefits to a warm bath; it raises their body temperature which helps them sleep better in the moments to follow, it loosens up all those crusty boogers inside so you can “Nose Frida” them out, it’s a bonding time with your little one, and did I mention they get clean?! Add in an extra benefit by making the bathroom supper steamy before you start their bath. That steam will help their cold too.
It’s never fun with our children are sick. And I know that sometimes we bend the rules to help them sleep when they are all congested and backed up, that’s okay. Be aware, when they are healthy again, it’s time to return to your normal sleeping habits, otherwise your sick sleep habits will linger too long and cause poor sleep habits.

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