♥  Life Changing
Valerie with Amazing Little Sleeper will seriously Change. Your. Life! Before my husband and I started with Valerie, I was up with our 18 month old daughter four to seven times a night with only being able to get her back to sleep by nursing and rocking her. I was desperate to get some sleep then a dear friend recommended Valerie. I was unsure. What is it going to entail? Will there be lots of crying? What if I can’t do this…? What if I mess it up…? I had so many worries. Because I was so desperate, I made the call and let me tell you, I could not have made a better choice! Valerie is simply amazing! She is so kind, graceful, always positive and most important patient. 
Our daughter is now sleeping 11 hours STRAIGHT(YES!! 11 hours. STRAIGHT!)! 
If you are considering Valerie with Amazing Little Sleeper, go for it!! I promise you won’t be disappointed!! I know every child is different, but Valerie is extremely knowledgeable on pediatric sleep and I know she can help you and your little one get a better night’s sleep. 
Go for it! Make the contact now! You won’t regret it!! 
A Forever grateful Momma 
♥  Positivity and persistence leads to naps in crib + more!
Words cannot express how thankful we are for Valerie!! She is an absolute dream to work with. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind and most importantly a parent. She understands how sleep (or lack there of) can impact a household.  
When we first started with Valerie, our son was 15 months old. We had contacted her for help with his nap. It had been almost 3 weeks since he napped in his crib and we were not sure what to do. The only way we could get him to sleep was in his stroller or car seat. He had nighttime down, so we thought! It was only after we started working with her we realized his nighttime schedule needed help as well. He was going to sleep on time but still waking up throughout the night and very early in the morning, 5am! Valerie not only was able to get him to nap in his crib, he was now sleeping throughout the night and not waking up until 6am or later. 
Our son was not an easy client to work with. He has a very strong personality and is very determined. Our process took a bit longer than most children would his age. We would take a step forward then 2 steps back, so it felt. At times we felt so discouraged and wanted to give up however, Valerie was always there with kind words seeing the positive which gave us the strength to keep working at it. We are SO glad we did!! Now, we do not dread nap or bedtime. Our son goes right to sleep on a schedule that works for him. He is happy and well rested and so are we! 
If you contact Valerie for help you will not regret it. It will be one of the best decisions you can make for your family. We know it was for ours!
Valerie, from the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU!!!    – Lauren
♥  “Cat Napper” to Amazing Sleeper

Before Valerie, our 4 month old son Henry was a “cat napper”, only sleeping for 20-30 minutes at a time during the day and would only sleep if he was being held.  We were lucky if he would take a 45 minute nap if he was in the swing.  At night, he would wake as often as every 20-30 minutes.  We’d be lucky to get a 2-3 hour stretch.  Being woke up that often at night was making us lose our minds! And then not being able to take a nap during the day when he did made it even worse.  It was beyond frustrating! He also was getting more and more difficult to put down at bedtime and the last few nights before we contacted Amazing Little Sleeper it was taking 1-2 hours to get him to sleep.  We tried everything! I think we currently have 7 different types of swaddles that we had tried and we invested way too much money on essential oils thinking one of those had to be the solution! 

Fast forward to today and Henry currently takes 3 naps during the day that range from 1-2.5 hours and we are able to put him to bed awake and he puts himself right to sleep and will sleep all night! We are still working on his night time feeding and early mornings but that 9 hour stretch before he wakes is a dream! He is such an easy going, happy baby now and is content in his car seat which before he would scream the whole entire ride whenever we had to take him anywhere.  We had no idea he hated his car seat so much because he was not getting adequate sleep!  

Valerie was extremely professional, knowledgeable and you can tell how passionate she is about helping babies sleep and assisting families where it’s needed.  My husband and I cannot say enough good things about her and about our experience with Amazing Little Sleeper.  I have been telling any person that will listen about her services because we are so thrilled with how much she helped us.  People kept telling me to read this book and read that book to try to help Henry sleep better but we are both busy working parents and we didn’t have time to read (and even if we did we would have used that time to sleep!).  This was the perfect solution for us and the best part about it was that it was completely affordable! I am actually amazed at how much support and daily contact we had with Valerie and the price of the package.  She also allowed the freedom to choose which method we were most comfortable with and respected the decisions we made as parents.  I was fearful and anxious to begin the process because who wants to listen to their baby cry for hours and nights on end? But there are “no cry” options and while no tears can be promised, it was so much easier and tolerable than I was expecting!  Once all the pieces were in place he took to it so well! We will certainly be utilizing Valerie in the future for any hiccups along the way and for any future children!

                  -Ryan & Staci

The Support is Really What Got Me Through

I contacted Valerie one night after 4+ hours of battle to get my 5 month old in bed and asleep. We were at the end of our rope and so ridiculously sleep deprived that I was on the verge of crazy! Our baby was running our lives and doing a really poor job of it!

When I contacted Valerie, Zeke was currently waking 4-8 times each night and would nap no more than 30 minutes twice a day (after 30-45 minutes of battling to get him to sleep). He was constantly overtired and always crabby. He was overstimulated trying to keep himself awake, which I recognized, but didn’t know how to fix! I rarely took him out and about because the risk of a major melt down was too overwhelming to manage. I had become someone I didn’t even like to be around: crabby at my husband, unappreciative and angry with my child and wondering if we’d made a terrible mistake starting a family. I tried to seek help many times and kept being told I didn’t have depression, just a “difficult child”, which no one could help me fix. I felt like a failure that I couldn’t manage motherhood and help my own child, despite being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in critical care for nearly a decade. Sleep deprivation truly is torture.

From the beginning, Valerie’s calm demeanor, “no judgement” empathy and vast knowledge was obvious and reassuring. I felt at ease with her right away. The initial consultation covered a lot of ground, but Valerie made sure we understood everything she was recommending and answered all of our questions fully. I was a bit skeptical that this could actually work, but decided two weeks of total commitment would be the test. The first few days were difficulty, BUT, Zeke figured out night time sleep quickly, which meant I was sleeping a full night for the first time in over 6 months!

Through the difficulty of the first few days, the support from Valerie is what REALLY got me through. Her daily emails answering questions, calming my worries, and listening to how I was feeling about the process made all the difference in the world. I know that without the daily support, we wouldn’t have made this type of progress. I would have quit without the excellent support from Valerie.

Three weeks in and Zeke has taken a trip to grandmas with great sleep, he is napping at least twice a day for more than an hour and sleeping 11-12hrs EVERY night! Our world is CHANGED! We can go out and about, which Zeke LOVES, People “Ooooo and Ahhh” over him and actually say, “What a sweet boy you have”. I can finally enjoy being a mother, something I was almost robbed of. I was so sad that I wasn’t enjoying being a mom, something I had wanted so badly for so long. Best of all, Zeke is exploring his world, taking things in, learning and just plain happy! I don’t know where we’d be if we hadn’t contacted Valerie and I’m so thankful I didn’t let my pride or skepticism stop me from reaching out to her. This program has truly changed our lives and given our child the ability to have a healthy sleep foundation for a life time. I am so thankful we chose to contact Valerie because we love our Amazing Little Sleeper!!   -Lindsay

Helped Choose the Right Method for Us:  A Non- “Cry It Out” and that Fit Our Son’s Personality 

Valerie was such a wonderful help to our family. Our son was 10 months old and sleeping no more than a few hours at a time at night and only napping while being held during the day. He was so sleep deprived–as were we! I had read various books and tried a variety of methods and talked with our pediatrician, nothing was working and we were desperate! Valerie was so understanding of our situation, reassuring, and supportive. She helped us pick a method that would work both for my preferences of not “cry it out” and fit our son’s personality. Throughout the process we even altered the method as he progressed. Valerie was supportive and encouraging throughout it all, I could tell she knew exactly what we were going through. After a little more than a few weeks, our sleepless babe is now sleeping 12 hours consecutively at night and taking 2 naps during the day in his crib–something I couldn’t even imagine before! He is so well-rested. She has also helped us understand how to continue in the future–even when travel or events do not allow for the exact schedule everyday. We are so grateful for her help and have been recommending her to anyone!  – Erin, mother to a 9 month-old, NE

“The Empowerment of Knowledge is What Makes Me Especially Grateful to Valerie” 

The most difficult part about writing this review is not using 3000 pages to commend Valerie for everything that she does.  Desperation rang clear when we contacted Valerie, yet we wanted to make sure we hired the sleep coach who was the right fit for us. After interviewing several sleep coaches, we knew Valerie was the one for us. We were right. Our 7 month old son went from only being able to sleep on someone (meaning he often had no naps at all at daycare) to sleeping through the night and being an awesome napper at home.  Valerie helped us through several daycare setbacks and was patient, kind, and informative at every step. Having her guide us through our decision making process was integral to our success at helping our son learn to be an amazing sleeper.  She truly went above and beyond. At no point did we ever feel pressured to use one type of sleep method; in fact, she took great care to make sure that we were comfortable with our choices and explained how each method worked. But beyond the invaluable daily feedback, she taught us how to be our own sleep coaches. After a semi-successful trip to the grandparent’s house, we knew exactly what needed to be done differently, how to do it, and congratulated ourselves on the things we did right. I think the empowerment of knowledge is what makes me especially grateful to Valerie. After spending countless dollars on crutches for our son, I now know that the best investment we made in his sleep was in hiring Valerie. I would not hesitate to do it again!   – Kristin, mother to a 7-month-old, TX

Mother is Confident after Learning what Works for HER Child

Contacting Valerie was worth every penny!  At first I was reluctant, but after hearing another friend’s endorsement and feeling so hopeless about my son’s sleep, we decided to go forward.  The progress we made in the short time we worked together was unbelievable.  The main reason I found it to be so helpful was bc I had already read so many blogs and books and throughout reading all of that, I never knew what applied to my child and his problems and so I was constantly doubling myself.  Having Valerie who understood what was happening, could explain the reasons for it and also provide confident advice that she knew would work eased my uncertainty.  She was also patient and willing to deal with my worries, fears and anxieties with constant reassurance.  Anyone who is struggling with sleep issues–contact her today!   – Jenny, mother to a 6-month-old, NE

Consistent Sleep Schedule….rocks! 

We are a couple weeks past the end of our sleep training with Valerie, and our daughter Vivienne is thriving! We knew that having a consistent sleep schedule would help her, but we never anticipated how much it would positively impact the entire family. She is so well rested and expects her naps/bedtime so consistently that even when we travel or get off track slightly, she can easily transition right back into her sleep routine. The strict two weeks is worth it – so worth it!!! We could not be more happy.  – Adam & Allison, parents of a 5 month-old, AL

Sleep, Sleep and MORE Sleep

The Amazing Little Sleeper action plan has been very helpful for our family.  We started consulting with Valerie because our 5 month old was waking every few hours at night.  After 2 weeks of working with Valerie our little one was only waking once per night!  We were finally getting sleep at our house.  Almost 3 months later, she is still sleeping through the night, 5 pm to 6 am and is taking longer naps.  She is a much happier baby.  Daycare can really tell that her temperament has changed and she is beyond cheerful!

This opportunity has given me guidelines to follow that will help my daughter learn to sleep.  Without it, my husband and I would still be taking turns getting up every other hour at night.  With her methods I have helped teach my daughter when she needs to be sleeping which leads to a calmer baby that likes to sleep and goes down easily.

Valerie has been very helpful and easy to talk to.  She has helped us understand what will help our little one sleep and has helped us be consistent with nap and bedtime routines. – Ann & Jason, parents to a 5 month-old, ND

Pediatrician recommended!

We owe the world to Valerie!! Not only has she returned the gift of sleep to all of us, which has reduced so much household stress, she most importantly reset our 13 month old daughter’s natural sleep rhythm. She went from one irregular nap and sleeping poorly at night, to two quality naps and a full uninterrupted 12 hours of nighttime sleep! She is happier, healthier and no longer has that sleep deprived look in her eyes. If only we had found Valerie sooner, but I am SO very grateful our pediatrician recommended her. We highly recommend her to anyone having sleep concerns, it is the greatest blessing to have our daughter so well rested! Thank you Valerie!!   – Connealy, mother to a 13 month-old, NE

Taking 3 naps a day and sleeping 11-12 hours a night!

After months of sleepless nights, tantrums from a four month old and reading every book, blog and Google search we decided to contact Valerie. This was the best decision we ever made!
Before working with Valerie my son was waking up every hour for the night and only napping in his swing after a huge song and dance to get him to sleep. Valerie was able to pinpoint every issue we were having, give us suggestions on what to do and always had an explanation as to why we’re doing what we are doing. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! We couldn’t have gotten to where we are now without her support. She was always available and willing to help us during our sons sleep training. When I felt discouraged she was always there with a positive spin on the situation and always made me feel comfortable with the process.
Now my son is taking three naps a day in his crib and sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night!  We are all much more well rested, less stressed and much more happy!  – Deanna, mother to a 5-month-old, NE

The Power of Knowledge regarding sleep…

We wanted to write and let you (Valerie) know how much we truly value your service and your knowledge as a sleep consultant.  You recently helped us transform our son into a much better sleeper. Thank you! Although we knew it wouldn’t be an easy change when we embarked on this journey, we are so much better for the effort. You instilled in us lessons and tips that will continue to help us for a long time. You helped us understand so much about the science of sleep that gave us a foundation to make better decisions during the development of a sleep plan, tailored just to us and our son. We always felt comfortable with the choices you presented and the decisions we made to help our son. The key was routine and consistency, as with any good habit or behavior.  – Brian & Chelsea, parents to a 6-month-old, OH

Even medical professionals need help…

It has been wonderful working with (Valerie).  You are very positive and encouraging.  You offer excellent advice and great goals to work towards.  Being able to anticipate our daughters sleep needs/goals are incredible.  It has been an interesting process.  You have so many good ideas.  For us the difficulty is not in implementing these ideas, it was just finding the right information.  As a pediatric nurse and a surgeon we have dedicated ourselves to understanding how humans work, but somehow have such limited knowledge about the process of sleeping.  Your information has been extremely helpful and it has truly been a pleasure working with you.   – Stephanie, mother to a 3-month-old, AZ

♥ Twins! Twins! Twins! …

I want everyone to know how rewarding working with Valerie was! She was so very patient, encouraging, and confident! Could go on and on! Our twins are now Amazing Little Sleepers. Thank you again!!!” – Brittany, mother to 16-month-olds, NE

♥ Wished we had contacted you sooner…

Thanks again for all of your help with this!! You have been AMAZING and so helpful!! I have been telling several people about you. I think the support of someone like you is instrumental in keeping your family sleeping and working together without getting so frustrated. I only wish I would have reached out to you earlier to get this under control. Should we decide to grow our family, I will be contacting you earlier to make sure we are in line for a better sleeper from the start! 🙂    – Kiley, Omaha

♥ Priceless Support…

We came to Valerie so exhausted, frustrated, and confused about sleep. At that point my daughter would only sleep on me during the day for naps. If I put her in her crib she would wake up 5 to 20 minutes later crying. My back was killing me from wearing her all day and I was worried that it was not healthy for her to be sleeping in a sling for so many hours. Night time was another challenge, her bed time was so late because it would take us hours to get her soothed down enough that she would sleep in the crib. She was clearly cranky and overtired. I read a few of the popular sleep books on the market and found that they contracted each other on certain important points leaving me very frustrated and confused about how to fix my situation.

I just needed someone to confidently point me in the right direction and Valerie turned out to be just the person. Her sleep education was honestly priceless. She was so encouraging and patient with us! She explained the options we had for sleep training and was by our side each step of the way during implementation. At the end of two weeks we had our daughter sleeping in her crib for naps and bedtime. She was going to bed at 6:30pm instead of 11pm – 12am and most importantly she was getting the sleep she needed and was SO much happier. She now wakes up every morning talking to herself and smiling. There are so many different scenarios that pop up during sleep training and it was so helpful to be able to bounce questions off of someone while implementing. I would recommend Valerie to anyone and felt like this was money WELL SPENT! Thank you Valerie!!!    – Amy, Chicago

♥ 8 Months of Sleeplessness…

When I left the hospital a new mother I was prepared for the upcoming months to be sleepless. I was prepared for 3 A.M. feedings and the sound of a crying baby throughout the night.  In fact, during the first weeks of my son’s life the wee hours of the morning were often the sweetest, as I cuddled up to our miraculous newborn.  However, I was without a doubt truly unprepared for the frequent night wakings to go on for eight months!

After eight months of frequent night wakings, brief or absent naps, and ineffective sleep books that claimed to have the answers, my husband and I decided we needed some help getting our son and our family the sleep that we needed.  After stumbling upon Valerie Birch’s contact information, we began communicating our sleep troubles and hopes with our new sleep coach.  Our sleep training began with clear information on the basics of sleep.  Valerie communicated clearly the sleep studies and brain research behind her training methods.  That very first night we received a detailed, individualized plan of action for our son’s sleep training which was unquestionably based on the values and beliefs we communicated during our previous conversation. Valerie was able to explain clearly the rationale behind her methods and justify any changes made to our son’s schedule. We began sleep training our son secure in the knowledge that his plan of action was based both on brain research and our family values.

With Valerie’s gentle coaching and clear consistency on our part, our son slept through the night within 48 hours of beginning sleep training!  Throughout the two weeks of coaching, it was easy to see that the quantity and quality of his sleep had vastly improved.  Through daily emails or phone conversations, Valerie tweaked our son’s schedule, made adjustments to the plan, and provided constant feedback on the progress he was making. Within days of working with Valerie, our son was taking two to three restorative naps a day and sleeping for twelve hours a night.  It changed our life!

For months my nightstand was stacked with a plethora of books outlining conflicting theories on sleep.  For months I attempted to make fruitless changes to our son’s routine based upon one book or another.  Now I’ve put the books away and just keep Valerie’s contact information on my phone for any future questions.           –  Rachel, mother to an 8-month-old, Chicago

♥ Mom’s Group ‘play date’….

Valerie came to speak to our New Mom’s Group and she was extremely helpful in giving tips to first time moms on easy ways to get your baby in a bedtime routine.   Plus, she was able to answer all of our questions about naps and the best way to set a daytime routine up. She has a passion for what she does and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help!    – Neeti, Chicago

♥ The Benefit of Sleep Education….

Valerie was a great supporter in my endeavor to change my 23 months old’s sleeping schedule.  I really liked how I could voice my concerns or hesitation and she would help me understand the education and “whys” around the sleep needs for a child.  It also helped me to understand that I was also cheating my 4 year old out of precious sleep at night.  Thank you!!!  – Megan, NE

♥ Bedtime Battles….

Valerie is a wonderful sleep consultant!!  She is just what we needed.  We had a basic knowledge of the sleep training methods but she provided more in-depth information and the support we needed.  I felt like we were being held accountable to someone rather than just ourselves.  We talked daily and if I had a question during the day she always got back to me almost immediately!!  Our daughter would be so upset at bedtime I honestly didn’t know if we could ever get to this point, but here we are!!!  We’re very grateful for Valerie’s help!!        – Angie, mother to a 2-year old, NE

♥ Always Learning About Sleep…

This is my 4th child so as you can imagine after nearly 4 months with no sleep I needed help. Despite all of my experience and ideas nothing was working, so I asked Valerie for some tips and ideas. Sure enough he started sleeping better and longer. Her knowledge was a great resource for me to get him onto the right track.        – Whitney, KS

Love Notes