How dark is dark?

Darkness is one of the most common conversations I have with inquiring families and in my workshops.   There are a lot of misconceptions around how dark it should to be for sleep.  It’s believed that some think too dark during the day will continue the day and night confusion, causing worse sleep.  I can… Continue reading How dark is dark?

Newborn Baby Sleep: Myth vs Fact

You have spent countless hours adoring your baby belly, preparing the nursery and learning about the joys (and horrors) of birth.  Before you know it, you’re holding your precious bundle of joy.  Many emotions run over you; your a sappy mess (thank hormones!).  Then you have a frightful realization; you forgot to learn about some… Continue reading Newborn Baby Sleep: Myth vs Fact

Drowsy, but Awake

Drowsy, but awake. I find many parents are confused with this statement. Does this mean eyes are open?  Closed? Do I make my child drowsy? How does that happen?       Drowsy.  Drowsy is nothing you “do” to your child. You know that they are ready for sleep…they may even give you sleepy cues.… Continue reading Drowsy, but Awake