The First Weeks of School

It’s really hard to believe we are back to new school supplies, a fresh list of lunch box ideas, rearranging sleep schedules and a new school year!  Even with engaging in a relaxed summer, somehow it buzzes by.  August is here; welcome 2018-2019 school year! This year is a little more emotional for me as my eldest has officially started her school journey; the 5 days-a-week seemingly for the rest of her life school journey.  Okay, yes, a little dramatic – but the emotions are real.  đź™‚  Being a past teacher, I fully respect and support school in all aspects … Read More

Appropriate Bedtime, Ages 5-6 Years

It’s August and your child is back in school.  The BEST way to prepare our children for learning and success in and out of the classroom is to ensure they are receiving enough sleep each night.  Dr. Marc Weissbluth, well-renowned pediatrician and author of Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child states “children’s sleep habits directly impact behavior and school performance.”  Diving further to explain (something all we exhausted parents know as a fact!) “sleep is a powerful modifier of mood, behavior, performance and personality.  It impacts every area of our lives.” How do you know if your child is receiving enough sleep … Read More

A New School Year has Begun, Is your Child Sleeping Well? My 2 BIGGEST Tips!

It’s official – it’s back to the books for all students in/around Omaha! Hopefully you prepared well and it was an easy and restful transition back to the classroom! 🙂 If not, no worries, I’m here to help! My 2 BIGGEST tips: 1. Early and earlier to bed. I find we have this predetermined time in our head when “school aged” children should be in bed: 8:00pm. I’m here to tell you, that’s probably too late, especially these first weeks of school. Why? Because their world has been rocked and they are tiiiiiiirrreed from a fun summer! The moment you … Read More

Gear Up for School with Great Sleep

As July comes to a close we know what is on the horizon…school. As children are choosing their new sparkly backpack and wondering which friends will be in their class, don’t forget how important it is to consider re-vamping sleep routines and getting those kiddos back on schedule! The importance of this cannot be understated as research shows that children who receive enough sleep at night perform better in school and have less anxiety and depression. Summers are notorious for late nights and mid-morning wake-ups. This is glorious during the summer, but runs havoc on our lives during the school … Read More