Three Months… A Schedule?

Three Months Old A Schedule

Do I believe a three month old can be on a consistent, predictable sleep schedule? No. Do I believe there may be some similarities from day to day, but nothing too forced? Yes. Sleep slowly starts to become organized in the brain, but it’s not until the four month “birthdate” in which sleep is more on a concrete schedule due to a large brain development.  The three to four month period is a great time to begin working on healthy sleep habits, but also knowing that a true schedule shouldn’t be in place. If you’re anything like me, examples help.  … Read More

Don’t let sleep Fall Back with the clocks!

Daylight Savings Time sleep solutions

It’s that time of year again; cool mornings, the changing of leaves, pumpkins all around, and day light savings.  Ah, yes, the dreaded daylight savings.  Long gone are the days of enjoying that extra hour of sleep.  On November 2, 2014, daylight savings will end and your clocks will fall back one hour. Keep in mind, that the time change is amplified when it comes to your child.  The adjustment needs to be managed closely to ensure continuing productive sleep. Know Your Child For many aspects of life, it’s helpful to know your child and their temperament.  Does your little … Read More

Spring Forward: Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

Spring Forward: Tips for Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time of year again, to change the clocks.  Sunday, March 11th, 2018 @ 2:00am set our clocks forward one hour.  Many people dread losing an hour of sleep, but for your children it can be a positive experience.  This is the one day a year your child will wake up later, so, enjoy it! If is you survived “falling back” then “springing forward” is a piece of cake.  For children, this is the least disruptive of the two.  Though deemed to be easier, it is still a change to your child’s sleep (and overall) schedule.  Here are a … Read More

Falling Back: Daylight Savings Tips

Falling Back: Daylight Savings Tips

As a parent, daylight savings has a whole new meaning.  Long gone are the days of enjoying an extra hour of sleep.  Instead, you have a child who wakes up an hour earlier because their bodies didn’t get the memo to sleep in.  The morning of November 3rd you may really be questioning why we even have daylight savings.  But, I’m here to tell you that with a little knowledge and patience, your family will adjust. Here are some tips on how to handle the time change: •Put your child to bed at the same time on Saturday night. •Wake … Read More