It Resonates Deep

As I shared in my first post for Peaceful Parenting, Purposeful Life, Honoring my Inner Voice, a blog that hopes to inspire a peaceful and intentional life has been brewing within for many years. And because I am a deeper person, I knew that colors mattered. And a name…more on that later! Colors resonate with me. I knew immediately that as I moved forward with anything, I wanted to get the colors just right, just right for me. The colors had to resonate deeply. So I gave it space. Space to just let the mind wonder while also paying attention … Read More

Honoring My Inner Voice

I received my first journal when I was 14 years old. Or maybe earlier than that, yet I remember starting to write in my journal around that age. Writing became my outlet, my secrete keeper in which I had full trust in. Over the last few decades of my life, I’ve continued to journal. There have been periods of ebb and flow, yet the lack of stress or pressures to write have allowed me to continue to write, in my own time, with full joy and love. I’ve learned how therapeutic writing can be for me. I’m also a deep … Read More