Transitioning to No Naps

Naps dictate much of the first three to four years of our children’s lives.  Good nap days, off nap days, short naps, long naps, no naps, wishing to nap – the word “nap” is likely in our daily vocabulary for many years.  Depending on the day, we know those naps affect – positively and negatively – everything! In my previous blog series, The Need for Naps; A 3 Blog Series on Daytime sleep I discuss why naps are important, short nappers vs long nappers and the 2-1 nap transition.  Continuing to stand by all that is stated, I want to … Read More

Daylight Savings in Europe 2018

Being international is incredible!  It reminds you how small the world truly is. Europe will experience the start of Daylight Savings on Sunday, March 25th at 1:00am where you will turn the clocks forward by one hour.  No matter when you experience daylight savings, if you’re a parent, you know its something to prepare for.  The beauty of springing ahead is it’s the “easier” of the two time adjustments for children.  Here are a few tips to make this adjustment go smoothly: Nap Time: Instead of immediately making the switch to new naptimes, split the difference. Adjust naps by 30 … Read More

Sleep, Parenting & The Holidays

The parenting journey seems very unique in this day of age. There’s been no other time in life where information is readily available at your fingertips. What a blessing and a curse. Along with our own journey navigating our gut feelings with social media, internet researches, and more – you always have family and friends sharing meaningful advice. The “put Jonny to bed earlier.” “She doesn’t look tired.” “But I never get to see Susie.” There can be days where advice seems piled high and your drowning through all the recommendations, requests and guilt. Then you add holidays on top … Read More

Bedtime & Books; The perfect ending to a great day

Recently I was asked about my thoughts regarding reading to a child before bedtime. The concern was that reading would stimulate the mind too much and lead to poor or delayed sleep. The concern came about through an article on the internet. This isn’t that surprising considering all the contradicting information out there; about sleep training, breastfeeding, immunizations, how to feed your child and the list goes on and on.  You name it, you can find arguments for any side.  It’s confusing. It’s exhausting. I’m here to share my philosophy about reading at bedtime: read, READ, ReAd!  Bedtime and books … Read More

Gear Up for School with Great Sleep

As July comes to a close we know what is on the horizon…school. As children are choosing their new sparkly backpack and wondering which friends will be in their class, don’t forget how important it is to consider re-vamping sleep routines and getting those kiddos back on schedule! The importance of this cannot be understated as research shows that children who receive enough sleep at night perform better in school and have less anxiety and depression. Summers are notorious for late nights and mid-morning wake-ups. This is glorious during the summer, but runs havoc on our lives during the school … Read More

Spring Ahead: Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings begins March 13th, 2016.  Time to adjust your clocks one hour ahead.  Many people dread losing an hour of sleep, but for your children it can be a positive experience. This is the one day a year your child will sleep in – enjoy it! If is you survived “falling back” then “springing forward” will be a piece of cake. For children, this is the least disruptive of the two. Though deemed to be easier, it is still a change to your child’s sleep (and overall) schedule. Here are a few tips on how to deal with daylight savings regarding … Read More