Sleep, Parenting & The Holidays

The parenting journey seems very unique in this day of age. There’s been no other time in life where information is readily available at your fingertips. What a blessing and a curse. Along with our own journey navigating our gut feelings with social media, internet researches, and more – you always have family and friends… Continue reading Sleep, Parenting & The Holidays

Four Tips to Surviving Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings is days away, but no big issue, right?! You’ve been focusing on establishing or maintaining excellent sleep up to this point to ensure this transition is easy and smooth. If not…no worries, there is still time (click here for help). To continue on this journey of easy sleep through the daylight savings time… Continue reading Four Tips to Surviving Daylight Savings Time

Gear Up for School with Great Sleep

As July comes to a close we know what is on the horizon…school. As children are choosing their new sparkly backpack and wondering which friends will be in their class, don’t forget how important it is to consider re-vamping sleep routines and getting those kiddos back on schedule! The importance of this cannot be understated… Continue reading Gear Up for School with Great Sleep

New Sleep Guidelines

You may think I’m crazy regarding how obsessed I am about sleep, but it’s not just me! ☺️ The American Academy of Pediatrics recently reached out to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and many other sleep medical experts to help establish the recommended amount of sleep each infant, child and teen should receive.  CBS released… Continue reading New Sleep Guidelines

The Truth about Teething

It’s a common concern. My child isn’t sleeping because they are teething.   While I can’t imagine the pain our little ones endure when a new tooth is about to pop through, we can’t blame consistent bad sleep on teeth. The truth is, from the day your child is born until they sprout their two… Continue reading The Truth about Teething

Spring Ahead: Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings begins March 13th, 2016.  Time to adjust your clocks one hour ahead.  Many people dread losing an hour of sleep, but for your children it can be a positive experience. This is the one day a year your child will sleep in – enjoy it! If is you survived “falling back” then “springing forward”… Continue reading Spring Ahead: Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings