Amazing Little Sleeper’s “Must Have” Parenting Items…Sleep and Not Sleep Related!

We all have child products that we absolutely love, ones we couldn’t imagine our life without.

Here is Amazing Little Sleeper’s Top 5!

5.  Tinfoil

Odd, right?! Nothing special here… until you realize what I do with tinfoil!  Tinfoil is the first thing I pack when traveling with my children. Wherever we stay, I want it to be pitch black! So black that you can’t see your hand-in-front-of-your-face dark. I find any light in a new sleeping area can cause havoc on a child’s sleep (hey, it’s a new place, what can you expect?!). I take foil and tape is against all the windows and cracks of the room we are staying in. Bring a lot of it, you may have large windows…and yes, I tape up every inch of those.

Purchase: Any grocery story or big-box store.
My tip is not to go too cheap on tinfoil as the thinner ones rip too easily and can cause a headache when putting up.

4.  Halia Rose  

Have you ever had a baby pull at your favorite necklace to only break it? It can be so frustrating. Halia Rose jewelry is your answer! Feminine and colorful, the Halia Rose silicone teething necklaces and accessories are 100% non-toxic, safe and practical to wear while looking after babies and young children yet still looks super stylish with any outfit. I love all the colors!! My favorite part? There is a “Little Ladies” section for those nurturing older sisters out there! Mom and daughter can match, cute!

3.  MarcPac DOHM Sound Machine

I heart this sound machine! It is not intrusive to the ears and is actually very soothing…truly like a fan sound. You can easily adjust the level by twisting the base. Best yet, it’s made in the good-old USA! This company is something special and I absolutely love their product!

Purchase: Marcpac:, Baby Stores, Amazon and more!
They’ve recently come out with a travel Marcpac – to take with you on the go, looks nice!

2. Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle

These swaddles are soft. They are durable. They are breathable. They are big. They last forever! These are only a few reasons to love these blankets. The biggest draw-back of these swaddles is that they last so long that it’s hard to justify buying more when they come out with other adorable patterns and styles. Man, I want more!

But seriously, these blankets are big, which we loved as our babies were almost 22 inches at birth. We did swaddle with these blankets (see how I did it!) – even in the hot summer months – and chose nothing else to swaddle with. But if you’re not into swaddling, these are the best on-the-go blankets. They block sunlight, keep cool breezes off your babe, are a great nursing cover, can be drug around, packed in tight, and anything else. I’m telling you, we still use my daughters Aden + Anais blanket and she is almost 5 years old!

Purchase: Aden + Anais:, Baby Stores, Amazon and more!

And my absolute favorite baby/child product…drumroll please……



1. Skip-Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station

Seriously, this is a game changer. No more fumbling for diapers, wipes, cream AND a pad for the restroom, this Pronto Baby Changing station is the all-in-one that we’ve all been dreaming of. This thing has changed my life – and lessened my need when going out with my child. I’m still using it with my almost 2 year old. It’s been fantastic for plane rides, restaurants, play dates, and many, many excursions and outings. I won’t leave the house without it. It’s an easy grab for any diaper changing need.

Purchase: Skip Hop:, Baby Stores, Amazon

That’s it my mama friends! My top 5. And no, I don’t get paid by anyone to promote their stuff…this is just true love from a true mom.
What is your must-have baby/child item? Please share!



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